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3 crucial questions to ask before buying a Wand massager

Massage vibrators are fun. They have a solid reputation for making women swoon and have mind-blowing orgasms, making them famous and beloved. If sex toys were compared to skincare products, the vibrating wands would be your holy grail moisturizer. There are no two ways about it.

You can always count on a wand massager for a good time, but there are some things you should know before getting your hands on one.

In this blog, I give you the top 3 questions you MUST ask yourself if you’re planning to buy yourself a wand massager. I understand you’re pretty excited about your first wand; however, just hold the reigns for a little while, and you will thank me later.

The first question,

Is a Wand Vibrator suitable for me?

If you’re curious about wand massagers, the first step is to find out if they’re a suitable toy for you. Sex educator Cassandra Corrado has always praised wands for their versatility, power, and longevity.

“People will often opt for wand-style vibrators because they’re known for being powerful and reliable… Wand vibrators help may folks access orgasm for the first time.”

The user can massage anywhere they desire through the original Hitachi Magic Wand. Additionally, massage wands can bring sexual pleasure to people with all body parts, not just the clitoris. Therefore they aren’t just for orgasms but equally efficient for back pains and muscle soreness.

However, the Hitachi magic wands found here are usually heavier than smaller vibrators, so they may not be the sex toy for everyone. If you have limited strength or dexterity, getting a wand massager for your private areas may be challenging.

There are, however, a ton of adaptive products in the form of attachments that can be added to wands like the Satisfyer double Wand-er. These attachments can help with accessibility and help you hit your pleasure spots perfectly, giving you toe-curling orgasms each time.

Wands are perfect for women who typically enjoy high-pressure stimulation, like from the shower head. BUT if you think you’re into the feeling of internal fullness and enjoy being penetrated, wands might not cut. Some people find the vibration strength of wand vibrators too much, so if you know that you tend to get overstimulated easily, they might not be the best option for you.

Moving on to the second question,

How To Use A Wand Massager For The First Time?

Like anything related to sex, the most important thing is to find your comfort zone and give enthusiastic consent if you want to explore. If you’re not super excited to play with a wand massager, it’s OK to pass for the night.

To get familiar with your wand, play around with it randomly. Connect it to the power source, charge it, try out attachments, cycle through all settings, and put it on different body parts to get a sense of how it feels. You must know your weapon before you know how to use it.

Try using it on other body parts, like your arms, nipples, and legs. You can even put the vibrating head on your lips gently. This will give you a more realistic judgment of the vibration and level of sensation. This gentle playing would also help ease your body and might start teasing your senses.

When ready to stimulate your genitals, add a gentle amount of water-based lubricant to the wand. A thick, water-based lubricant creates a cushion between you and the wands and can make the experience feel even better — especially for new wand owners.

Because wand massagers such as the Hitachi magic wand toys use powerful vibrations, you can feel the sensation deep in your muscles and nerves.

So start on the lowest power, and explore gradually what types of genital stimulation feel good to you. If the first setting feels too powerful, try using your wand over your underwear or wrap a few layers of clothing around the head.

Once you’ve got an idea of what feels pleasurable, find a comfortable way to sit or lie and continue to explore your body with the massage wand as you lose yourself in toe-curling sensations.

Finally, the last question,

How Do I Clean My Massage Wand?

To keep your wand up and running, you want to clean and store it correctly. If it isn’t a waterproof wand, just dampen a piece of a soft cloth and clean the wand thoroughly— once with soapy water and then with normal water.

If your toy is waterproof, you can take some liberty to submerge it in the sink and wash it thoroughly. Under no circumstances should you put your massage wand in the dishwasher. Give your toy a rinse in the sink, or take it in the shower with you.

Make sure your wand is completely dry before putting it away. You can leave it out to dry in the shade and pack it up once it’s completely dry. Also, avoid direct sunlight or contact with any heated surface.

Ensure you’re storing it in a clean and dry place, protected from dirt or dust. Otherwise, you can put it in a big-enough makeup bag or a clean drawer.

We understand that not everyone might agree with our views on the 3 questions. However, we must keep you well informed. Once you are confident with these 3 questions, you can safely buy yourself your first wand vibrator.

I wish you great sex life and some fantastic moments with our wand vibrators!


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