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Our knowledgeable and friendly representatives provide 24/7 IT Support Services, Computer Repair, Network Support and IT Consulting. We save you money with superior productivity, using our innovative strategy of proactive IT Maintenance, continuous IT Monitoring, and progressive IT Infrastructure design.

Service Area - Wing 1

We provide on-site and Remote IT Support for optimal response to any situation. Our goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before the problem arises. We design IT Infrastructure that allows your company to grow with ease and stability.

IT Assessment Plan

A comprehensive IT assessment and plan will help you better understand your current technology situation and prepare you and your company for the future. Cultu Net consultants can help you achieve both of those objectives with our Technology Assessment Plan (TAP), a comprehensive analysis of your company from an IT standpoint. The TAP is tailored to your specific business and its projected growth. We evaluate 22 distinct areas of your organization—how they are affected by technology, and how best to position your IT infrastructure for the most cost-effective growth.

Managed Services

When it comes to managing your network resources, Cultu Net partners with industry leading technology developers to offer a truly unique solution in our proactive remote IT management service. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring and management tools, to protect and optimize your network performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hardware Service

Cultu Net offers businesses with cost-effective Information Technology hardware solutions. Take your Information Technology up a notch with stress-free hardware and operating systems
We offer cost-effective hardware solutions.Finally, a way to make your IT budget predictable and more manageable! Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, programs from Cultu Net are a simple way to more effectively manage your IT expenditures, reduce the need for repeated equipment and operating system updates, and eliminate the concerns associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure.

Network Security

Do you worry that a virus, or a hacker could jeopardize your network security, or even worse, take your entire computer network down? Is your company required to meet stringent data security compliance guidelines? What would happen to your business if you or an employee misplaced a laptop, or a laptop or computer was stolen? As IT environments advance in complexity and design, networking and security increasingly overlap.


Email Spam/Security

In this technological age, fast, efficient communication is a critical tool for running a successful business. The benefits of email are indisputable, but if your IT infrastructure isn’t adequately protected, your business is vulnerable to online attacks from spam, phishing, viruses, and malware. Implementing an Email & Spam Protection Solution from Cultu Net provides your business with a reliable email system secure from safety threats associated with email. Email should work for your company, not leave it vulnerable to security problems. Stop online threats from destroying your business with Email & Spam Protection from Cultu Net.