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We Help Business To Leverage Technology

By combining our capabilities with our partners’ products, we’re able to incorporate powerful technology into solutions for our clients.

Our Advantage

Flexible & Thorough

Our advantage stems from the flexibility, thoroughness and process by which that technology is incorporated into those solutions. We begin by leveraging your existing technology investments and integrating our solution with those investments.

Our teams work side-by-side with your IT staff to ensure seamless integration and to allow you to make many future alterations without our intervention. Our technology platforms not only enable highly personalized Customer Relationship Management tools, they can also power advanced enterprise solutions. Plus, they facilitate interaction and integration with your call center, partners, sales force and other business channels.


Know How We Are Tailored for Your Success

In today’s digital business landscape, whether you are a 5-person office or a business with servers and multiple work stations, a reliable Information Technology System is absolutely critical to your day-to-day operations. If your IT System is down, so is your business!

Cultu Net provides outstanding, reliable IT Consulting Services to our valued clientele. We approach each new client by listening and getting to know your company’s needs and priorities so we have a clear understanding of your expectations. Meeting those expectations and building a relationship founded in trust is our goal.

With Cultu Net’s menu of available IT Services, you can reap the benefits of having your own IT Department — a trusted member of your team you know you can rely on — at a fraction of the cost.

What We Offer - IT Services

Cultu Net is a premier provider of IT Solutions and infrastructure for small and mid-sized businesses.

IT Assessment Plan

A comprehensive IT assessment and plan will help you better understand your current technology situation and prepare you and your company for the future.

Managed Services

When it comes to managing your network resources, we partners with industry leading technology offer a truly unique solution in our proactive remote IT management service.

Hardware Service

Take your Information Technology up a notch with stress-free hardware and operating systems. Finally, a way to make your IT budget predictable and more manageable!

Network Security

Do you worry that a virus, or a hacker could jeopardize your network security, or even worse, take your entire computer network down? No more worry for Network Security

Email Spam/Security

Stop online threats in their tracks before they affect your business! Cultu Net provides your business with a reliable email system secure from safety threats.


Optimize your Information Technology investment! Is your potential business growth hampered by the need for more technology and a lack of space to house the required equipment?

Voice/Data Cabling

Are you opening a new business, moving an existing business to a new location, or have you hired a new employee? Cultu Net can quickly and affordably cable your new offices.

Business Continuity

Cultu Net is committed to helping you ensure business continuity in the event your business experiences disaster or data loss. No catastrophic loss with proper planning.

Integrated Network Management?

We are a consultant with expertise in Wide-Area-Network Design, Data Communication and Connectivity, and Managed Network Services.

We leverage the network assets and technology of facilities-based carriers to create best-of-breed solutions.

Carriers & Service Providers

Your customers rely on you for end-to-end service that’s diverse, reliable and provisioned on-time.

Financial Services

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System Integrators & VARS

Your commercial customers need secure, diverse and cost-effective connectivity services for their WAN.

Energy & Environment

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Enterprise Clients

Corporate networks aren’t overhead. They need to be designed around your business requirements – not the constraints of your telecom provider.

Financial Institutions

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Our Team

How We Handle?

By using proprietary software tools and our carrier-neutral approach, our team design data communication solutions based on our customers’ requirements that help them lower their total cost of network ownership.

The team at Cultu Net deliver outstanding service and customer-centric solutions to our customers – which include some of the world’s leading carriers, service providers and bandwidth-intensive businesses.

What Our Clients Says

“Once again you have saved me! THANK YOU SO MUCH for figuring out my tech issue that two other tech support departments had not been able to figure out over four days! Your dedication to sticking with a problem until it's resolved is very appreciated!!!”
Mary Scott
“Cultu Net is amazing when it comes to customer service and their knowledge about networking. We have signed contract for another year to use their services.Thank you Cultu Net for being who you are..I highly recommend them to anyone.”
John Borthwick
“Cultu Net team was passionate, energetic, and dedicated during the time I worked with them. They represented the company well & was focused upon doing the “right thing”, open to new ways of doing to help the company improve its IT architecture.”
Jane Bill
“Thanks to Cultu Net for guidance in the design and implementation for greatly improved network. The work was done at the highest level of professionalism and accomplished timely, which helped to maintain virtually uninterrupted working environment.”
David Anderson

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